How it works

How it works

We provide easy to use Mac or PC friendly software known as FreeAgent and full on-line training in its use. All you have to do is fill in basic information like the number of hours you work and your expenses, and we do the rest. The package has been put together based on the requirements of the majority of our clients, but we are happy to discuss any additional services you might need and offer you a different solution, if required. Here’s what’s included in our standard package:

Easy online operation

We set you up with your own secure online portal, which allows you to:

Reporting reminders

As a company director you have certain responsibilities when it comes to filing documentation with both HMRC and Companies House and paying your taxes. We’ll keep you informed of due dates during the trading year and advise you of what needs to be sent and when, and who and how much needs to be paid.  In most cases, we prepare all forms for filing and even file them on your behalf with the appropriate authorities.

Paying yourself

Our sophisticated accounts package software allows you to view your real time Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet so that you can determine exactly how much is available for a dividend. It’s a very easy and intuitive system, which is updated in real time so you always have the latest information at your finger tips.

Paying us

Before you start using the system, you will need to set up a Direct Debit to pay us in advance of every month. We will provide you with details of where payments should be made.

Additional services

We understand that every contractor’s business is unique and while our package comprehensively accounts for most of your company’s statutory obligations there may be other areas where you’d value our support. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with costs. E.g.

Additional Service Cost
Complete your Personal Tax Return (SATR); £100 per director/shareholder
Registered Office service; £50 p.a.

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